Melissa Bachman, host of Winchester Deadly Passion, is in hot water after posting a photo to Facebook of her lion hunt. Smiling ear to ear over a dead male lion has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. What do you think?

Most comments on the Facebook photo are positive. Fans are congratulating her and commending her on her trophy. Opponents of Melissa are not so happy and are comparing her to Scar from the Disney classic The Lion King.

Do you disagree with the hunting of African Lions? You can sign a petition on that is asking for African Lions to be added to the endangered species list which would prevent future hunting of the animal. There is also a petition that has been signed by over 437,000 people asking the Government of the Republic of South Africa to deny future entry to Melissa Bachman.

Melissa was in Montana this fall and "rattle[d] in over 20 bucks!!" Melissa and Powder River Outfitters used the noise of rattling antlers to lure whitetail bucks in close. Watch the episode below.

Melissa has also been known to bowfish in a bikini.

Let us know what you think of Melissa killing an African Lion and sharing it on Facebook by leaving a comment below.