When a tragedy steals someone out of our lives so quickly it seems impossible to believe or comprehend, much less accept and deal with the overwhelming emotional tide that follows.

Margaret Megan Petersen, or Megan as she was called by friends and family, perished on Saturday July 16th at 4pm in a car accident in the Bear Trap Canyon on Highway 84 between the Warm Spring Boat Ramp and the California Curve next to the Madison River.

Megan and her family are close to KISS FM and our parent company Townsquare Media. Megan and her mother Ronda have been employees here in the past and step-dad Dennis currently works here.  Megan was always at our company events and has always been a part of our “little radio family.”  Through the years that I have known Megan she has grown from a shy young teen to a young woman making her way in the world, carving out her space with hesitant anticipation of the future.  Having known Megan and her family for so long it's heartbreaking to think what Rhonda, Dennis and younger brother Brian have to endure after such an unimaginable event.  How do you start to process it?

The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming.  I find myself continuously wanting to put myself in that car and somehow change the outcome.  Reality of course won't allow it.  It only allows us to examine the questions that come to us after. See our lives and those in them as special.  We can only take knowledge learned from the emotions we feel, and make sure the people we have in our lives know we love them.

Megan's family is strong but we need to be strong for them too.  Accidents happen in a flash that we see forever.  We remember you Megan.  We love you.  Your death leaves a hole in our hearts but your smile reminds us of our luck having you in our lives.