What does a loving dog owner do when their unattended dog eats $500 in cash? You wait for the dog to start making deposits around town and send those deposits to the U.S. Treasury of course!

The Independent Record reports Wayne Klinkel's dog, Sundance, was left unattended in a car while the family ate at a restaurant. The dog decided to eat $500 in cash. Oops! Guess the family shouldn't have left the money out in the open or the dog in the car alone!

Klinkel set out on the task of collecting the dog's droppings and sorting out bits and pieces of the money. Don't believe us? See the photos of the tainted bills here.

After recovering the bills and piecing them back together, Klinkel made the right choice of sending the bills back to their creator for replacements rather than swindling the dirty money around town.

Lo and behold, the U.S. Treasury sent Klinkel a check for $500! See, our government can get some things sorted out.

[via HelenaAir.com]