They tell you not to panic when in a stressful situation but we all know that is much easier said than done. Zachary Emenegger escaped a crazed gunman after an idea from his childhood popped into his head - play dead.

Emenegger was chased by a crazed man with a gun firing shots with intent to kill. Being unable to escape all of the gunfire, the victim was hit by the gunfire twice and that is when he decided to try and trick the gunman. Emenegger purposefully jerked his body and then laid still. His plan saved his life as the gunman then expected his body to make sure he was finished, whispered  "yeah, you're dead" and then left the scene.

This all happened in 1999. The 23 year old gunman, Zane Floyd, was arrested for killing 4 people in a Las Vegas grocery store and raping a woman.

The incident was caught on a very disturbing video and it's amazing Emenegger survived. How would you act in this situation? Would you try the same thing?

[via ABC]