38-year-old Chris Angelo climbed to the top of a New Jersey roller coaster, yesterday, and was promptly arrested. The News 12 New Jersey team talked with Mr. Angelo's mother, Diane Anjelo who said the man had been displaced by Superstorm Sandy and was seeking to draw attention to Jersey Shore recovery efforts.

Apparently Cris was going to stay on top of the, now flooded, Jet Star roller coaster for several days to bring attention to the governments backing off of their recovery efforts. State Police managed to talk him down after only a short while. He was arrested and taken away by the police, although it wasn't mentioned specifically what he was arrested for. A guess...trespassing.

The police however did not get the flag down. Hopefully Mr. Angelo's short but commendable efforts to bring attention to the damage done by Superstorm Sandy will pay off with his arrest.

Story via Gawker

Photo from @LoverBoyGenius