My Banger of The Week this week is "Half Naked and Almost Famous" from Machine Gun Kelly or MGK.  I was excited to post up the link to the Rage Pack mixtape that I downloaded for free, so you could do the same.  Unfortunatly, the mixtape has been taken down so that MGK and Bad Boy Records, the label MGK has signed with, can release the Half Naked and Almost Famous EP.  3 out of the 5 songs on the EP, "Half Naked and Almost Famous", "Wild Boy" feat. Waka Flacka Flame, and "Warning Shot" were on the Rage Pack tape, so it's worth the $4.52 Amazons got it at.

BUT. MGK does still have the Lace Up mixtape up for free and this is the tape that, arguably,  got dude noticed.  So although I couldn't come through with a Free download of my Banger, I still got one for you that you should dig.

Also, here's the "Wild Boy" video just cause, why not?