Mac Miller is out on the "Under the Influence" tour right now with  Wiz Khalfia, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolBoy Q.  Mac had been on what seems like constant tour since the release of his first label album "Blue Side Park", and he's not quitting.  He just announced that he is adding a second leg to his Macadelic tour, taking YC and Travis Porter on the road with him.

The closest the tour comes to Bozeman is either Las Vegas or Eugene OR, but Mac says to "Expect a lot of crazy sh-- to go down" so it may be worth the road trip to see.  Being on the constant tour grind has got to make any relationship close to impossible, which I would assume is where this track came from. If you've been listening to "Blue Side Park" then you know it already.  "Missed Calls" is my Banger of the Week.  Check out the video below.