This last Tuesday night the 8th of November, Lotus lit up the Emerson Cultural center with their crisp new-age electronic beats, and a light show to ignite the heavens. The Indiana based college startup group consisting of Jesse Miller (bass/sampler) and Luke Miller (guitar/keyboards), Steve Clemens (drums), Chuck Morris (percussion), and Mike Rempel (guitar), blossomed into a full-blown electro jam band marvel. Since their first album released in 2002 they have produced 4 studio albums the most recent being “Self-Titled”. You can stream the entire album here.

When one thinks of the Emerson theatre, you wouldn’t imagine that a psychedelic electronic band performing to a gyrating crowd of drug-imbibed partygoers, but this show shattered that preconception. Keys-n-Krates, a hip-hop DJ group out of Toronto opened for Lotus with a tasty pre treat accompanied by a 21 and older section of the party in the ballroom. Lotus came on and the mood of the theatre sparked with energy. The mood of the band was one of calm collected focus considering the tumultuous mass of writhing bodies below the stage as the night flowed forward. The evening was a fusion of light and sound and one that was forgotten by many but one not to be forgotten.