Manage Your Caregiver and Services! A variety of home health services are available for people who need some assistance due to challenges presented by disability, aging or chronic illness. In Montana you have a choice between two distinct models of care: agency-based services and self-directed services. Self-directed services are non-medical services and supports designed for people who want more choices and more control over the services they receive and the person who provides their care.

Under the self-directed model, the individual receiving services and Consumer Direct partner up to share employment responsibilities.

The Individual is the Managing Employer. He or she:

  • Recruits, hires and trains their caregiver
  • Manages daily work of caregiver and authorizes time sheets
  • Schedules their services and their caregiver
  • Dismisses their caregiver if necessary

Consumer Direct is the Employer of Record. We:

  • Assist with employee-related tasks
  • Provide benefits to the employee
  • Process payroll and payroll tax deductions
  • Provide employer training materials
  • Assist in training the employee
  • Visits the individual at their home to monitor health and safety (state specific)
  • Helps prevent and reports Medicaid fraud
  • Report concerns of abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • Provides Worker’s Compensation
  • Maintains Consumer and employee records
  • Are available for employee issue problem solving
  • Monitors effectiveness of Care Profile

Consumer Direct
Among the first in the state to offer self-directed personal care, Consumer Direct was established in Montana in 2000. The program is specifically intended to allow individuals with health care needs to remain in their homes and communities and to avoid placement in an institution.

This program is designed for individuals who are capable of directing their own personal care services or appointing a Personal Representative to act on their behalf.  Consumer Direct specializes in providing self-directed services, which enable service recipients and/or their representatives to exercise control and authority over their employees / caregivers who support and assist them and the ways in which that assistance is provided. Their staff is trained in and embraces the philosophy and practices of self-direction and the principles of person-centered planning. They are a recognized leader in self-direction and one of the few human service agencies in the country that provides all of the self-directed service options available to persons interested in directing their own care.


Consumer Direct supports the Montana Medicaid Self Direct Personal Assistance Services Program, providing in-home, health maintenance support to qualifying individuals.

Under this program, qualifying Medicaid recipients (consumers) choose a provider agency to assist them with hiring, training and scheduling their caregivers.

Consumer Direct performs fiscal intermediary functions for the consumer, including processing time sheets, billing medicaid, and caregiver payroll.

Consumer Direct provides training for the consumer and resources for caregiver training and also assists the consumer in maintaining program compliance.