We recently found ourselves watching ‘Leap Year’ (you know, ’cause it’s literally the only movie we can think of that celebrates Leap Day), and realized that Matthew Goode is the hunk that completely fell off our radar. Whatever happened to that scruffy-looking stud after he played Amy Adams’ new-found hubby in the movie?

After the romantic comedy, Goode scored roles in a couple of films, ‘Cemetery Junction’ and ‘Burning Man,’ as well as in the TV shows ‘Dancing on the Edge’ and ‘Birdsong.’ Now, the Englishman will be starring alongside Nicole Kidman and ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ Mia Wasikowska in the upcoming movie ‘Stoker.’ According to an interview with Digital Spy, Goode has high hopes for the film, and frankly, so do we.

We’re hoping he grew his scruff back for the film because a bearded face looks good on him. It’s pretty much the only reason a lot of us could stomach watching ‘Leap Year.’