Lady Gaga is at the remixing again and this time it's Bollywood.  I'm not sure how many different ways you can hear the same songs and still consider them new?  Is she introducing new kinds of music to a broad audience or is she just trying to put out the same music to increase sales?  Either way, it's happening!

Country, mariachi, now Bollywood?

Lady Gaga isn't content with just one version of her hit song, she seems to be intent on releasing one in every genre!

Gaga tweeted, "I worked with some Indian Producers on "BORN THIS WAY" to show all the little monsters in India that I appreciate you!" The mother monster teamed up with famous Bollywood music composers Salim-Sulaiman for the track.

What's next? A reggae remix? Maybe a little polka action?

via X17 Online - Lady Gaga - Photos & Pics | Lady Gaga Releases Yet Another Born This Way Remix.