This Sunday, 60 Minutes will show an exclusive interview with Lady Gaga just before the Grammy Awards. She will give a look into her life before fame and what she gets called while in the throws of her bed sheets.

In a sneak peak of the interview Gaga revealed that she is sometimes call by her real name, Stefani Germanotta, "especially in bed."

Ellen Stodola -

In a relatively short period of time, Lady Gaga has catapulted to enormous success. Her unique taste in music and style are combined to make her a completely different type of performer. Lady Gaga will soon be releasing her new single, “Born This Way,” with a new album to follow shortly. Before all this occurs, you can get a different look into the background of the star.

On Sunday night at 7 pm ET/PT, before the Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga will do an exclusive 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper. Gaga will discuss her improbable rise from college dropout to pop star, her philosophy on fame, and her new album.

Lady Gaga even attempts to show Cooper and a 60 Minutes camera crew a glimpse of her past, when she takes them to the apartment in New York where she lived before she became one of the most famous people on the planet. In addition, she also shares with them some of her keepsakes from the early years. Get a sneak peek of the interview at

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