Maybe I'm loosing it but am I the only one that things Krispy Kreme kills it? I came across "Same Old Kid" on Tosh.O's Facebook feed and it kinds blew my mind. And then after watching Kreme's interview with Daniel Tosh I was even more confused. The kid can rap. Rhymes are quick, witty, on time, and there seems to be passion. But... is this a joke? Is this dude, and his buddy "Money Maker Mike", pulling one on the over on us?

It could be. There is a video from a dude with YouTube channel Snaps N Jays claims that the rapper known as "Krispy Kreme" or "Froggy Fresh" was his high school class' valedictorian.

With over 10 million view with just one video and millions more on their others, it doesn't really matter. They are "The Baddest".