Where does inspiration come from?  Why does one thing make a person feel inspired and something else doesn’t?  And why doesn’t the thing that makes one person move out and get to work but doesn’t inspire the next person to even scratch their nose?  And why doesn’t that initial fire keep burning as hot as when you first felt it?

I find it such an odd thing in the first place that we even feel inspiration.  The radiating warmth that comes from deep inside of us and creeps into our mind when we suddenly see goals clearly, along with every step to get those goals.

A song, a speech, or a peer sparks something and gives you that emotional lift that you need to get you rolling down that road to our goals.  But what makes us stop from going all the way down that road?  Or more importantly what keeps those that make it going? When a person sees the road that leads them to a dream or even simply an easier way of living, is having the knowledge

they can get there key?  Knowing the accomplishment is possible and not seeing any other option as a possibility has got to be the key.  But could successful people possibly know for a fact that they would be successful?  They must have.

When I want to put my shoes on there are several things that must happen in order for my shoes to get onto my feet.  I can see the process in my mind.  There are only two options: 1. I get my shoes on.  2. I don’t get my shoes on. The second option isn’t even conceivable though; as I know I need my shoes on to go outside.  End result: I get my shoes on.  Even if the process that I foresaw changed and was more difficult than I originally anticipated. I always knew that I was going to get to my goal no matter what because I can’t conceive of anything else being reality.  The same has to be of long term goals.  Knowing that you will make it changes the decisions you make, your attitude, and your inspiration. That fire burns if you know your dream is the only outcome, rather than seeing it as the best possible outcome.