Snooki Taped In Delivery Room?

Could Snooki's birth be taped for public consumption?  Maybe.  It wouldn't be all that surprising if it were the case.  Snooki says  "Me and JIONNI haven't discussed it.  It's up to him too, so I'm not sure yet."

I get that she got her fame and fortune came for reality TV and she most likely has a ton of pressure from people at the network telling her she should.  But, come on now Snooks.

Lady Gaga Engaged?! Maybe Yes, Maybe No

It looked at is the Gaga was showing of a new engagement ring the other day, after a photographer posted pics.  But, "sources close to Gaga" say that she is not engaged.  We're not even sure she is attached.  Last we heard, she and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney broke up.

Janitor Graduates After 20 Years Of Free Classes

In 1992, 32 year old Gac Filipaj fled fled Montenegro rather than fight in the civil wars and ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia.  After making it to New York, he got a job at Columbia University as a janitor.  Why Columbia? Because the job came with 14 free credit hours every year.

After 7 years of learning English well enough to understand the Ivy League Classes, he enrolled in Columbia's classics program, and started slowly working toward a degree.  20 years after he escaped from Yugoslavia, Gac is 52 years old, still a janitor, graduated from Columbia, with honors.  So what now?  Just like a lot of other students, he's going to stay in school and work for a master's and maybe this Ph.D.