Rihanna Partying Too Hard?

Rihanna hasn't been up to much lately, it seems, other than partying.  And why not?  She's got hit after hit and she's been working since she was a teenager.  But some of her friends seem to think it's gone over board.

The "National Enquirer" has a source saying, quote, "Rihanna is spiraling out of control and is headed for an early grave.  It never seems to be one beer or one cocktail. Once she gets started, Rihanna pounds drinks all night long, sometimes until the sun comes up.  She definitely goes on binges.  She’s been a hard drinker since her teens and her friends and family are desperately urging her to get into rehab."

Does she have a problem or are some people being a little dramatic about the situation?  Hollywood types do seem to be dramatic, but the hollywood partying can get crazy.  Could go either way, we just hope Rihanna keeps making hits.

Lorne Michaels Denies Rumors Of More Cast Leaving SNL

Saturday Night Live gave KRISTEN WIIG a loving send-off last Saturday.  Rumors have been circulating before and after the send-off that ANDY SAMBERG and JASON SUDEIKIS are on their on their way out too.

When asked about it the"SNL" boss LORNE MICHAELS  said, quote, "No.  Who said that?  No.  In no way.  Absolutely not.  No decision will be made on that until July . . . I'm not even dealing with that yet."

Yet, he says.  We'll see. Departures are always a double edged sword though.  Sorry to see them go but interested to see who comes in next.  Then we can hate those people until we see their talent and then love them.

Young Buck's House Taken By IRS

Remember YOUNG BUCK? Ya that guy that got booted from G-Unit.  Even though I'm not sure he ever had a hit aparently he has a mansion in Tennessee. Or DID have one anyway.  The IRS is seizing it because Buck hasn't paid $330,000 in taxes and they're going to sell it to pay the debt.

My only question is...if he owes $330,000 in taxes that means he made over 2 million dollars somehow.  How did he do that?  However he did it, learn your lessons kids and pay your taxes.  The IRS doesn't forget.


Good Parenting - Mom Embarasses 12 Year Old Daughter On-line

Last week ReShonda Tate Billingsley, of Houston Texas, saw that her 12-year-old daughter had posted a photo on Instagram where she was holding a bottle of Vodka. The caption said "I sure wish I could drink this."  Never mind the social implications of a 12 year old feeling compelled to drink.  More so, how was she to parent this?

ReShonda came up a punishment that was age old, but she knew would stick.  Public embarrassment.  ReShonda had her daughter take a photo holding a sign, and then posted THAT to Instagram.

The sign read "Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should and should not post.  Bye-bye."

ReShonda made it HER Facebook profile photo.  And she says her daughter was so "devastated" that, quote, "she actually asked for a spanking instead.  She begged for a spanking."