Pro Fitness of Montana put on a 3-on-3 basketball tournament this last weekend which hosted over 300 teams in the streets of Downtown Bozeman. Being our first year entering the ranks, we had lots of fun and learned we have a bit to work before next year. Check out our And1 mix tape worthy moves inside.


Our first game came to a quick end with the score board having us far behind. Our opponents secret weapon, a 6'6" 400lb basketball prodigy. We had lots of good opportunities but coudn't get the baskets to sink.

Our second game was against a fellow media team, KTVM. It was a good game but they pulled ahead in the first half and we never caught back up.

After a bit of rest we headed into our third game which was again against the KTVM crew. This time we came out guns ablazing. We took the lead early and never looked back. It began to rain quite a bit during our the game but we continued playing and snagged the victory.

That was our one and only victory, but we all walked away winners with big smiles on our faces and sore legs the next day. If you haven't played any basketball in a while, I recommend picking up a ball, calling some friends and getting a pick-up game together. Even if it's just a game of horse you won't regret it.