I know she was in Playboy and I know that she is a fan of flashing her...chesties...but another tape is coming out via Vivid Adult Entertainment that was taped some time ago.

There's a new KENDRA WILKINSON sex tape about to hit the market. And this one is all GIRL-ON-GIRL ACTION.

It was shot some years back by Kendra's ex-boyfriend, Justin Frye. He's Kendra's co-star in the tape that came out last year. Kendra's partner in this one is a high school friend named Taryn Ryan.

A so-called "source" says, quote, "Kendra and Taryn started fooling around and then Kendra wanted the light turned off.

"But the camera that was recording them had night vision, so it looks like the Paris Hilton porn tape. Everything is completely clear.

"The girls are laughing at first, and the guys are encouraging them to kiss each other. They started kissing while giggling and then things got hotter."

The source adds that the tape is 45 minutes long, and there's, quote, "nothing left to the imagination."

Once again, it's Vivid Entertainment releasing the tape. They apparently got a nice stock of "films" from Justin Frye. There's no word when this one will come out . . . or if Kendra will try to block it like she did the last one.

Of course, just how serious she was about blocking it is still in dispute. Like most celebrities do, Kendra ended up signing a deal with Vivid to let them release that first sex tape. She received $680,000 up front and half the profits.