Katy Perry has got a new track you will most definitely hear in Downtown this weekend if you haven't already. Titled "E.T.", the song's probably not exactly what you would think it to be. It's got a ground stomping beat and features Kanye West. Take a listen right here.

Cristen Maher - PopCrush.com

Kanye West has become known for his outlandish remarks and behavior, so it was only natural for Katy Perry to recruit the rapper for her newest interstellar single, ‘E.T.’

Although ‘E.T.’ marks the fourth single that Perry has released off ‘Teenage Dream,’ this version does not appear on the album. The sexually-driven single definitely strays from the bubble-gum pop (‘California Gurls’) and love songs (‘Teenage Dream’) that we are used to seeing from the songstress.

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