It has to be a tough life getting harassed by paparazzi every waking moment. I guess that is just the way it goes for the multimillionaire celebs like Kanye and Kim. At a recent encounter, Kanye tried to fool the photographers but it only caused bodily harm... to his head.

Kanye West and pregnant wife Kim Kardashian were attempting to dash past photographers when the producer/rapper butted heads with a street sign. The stunned Kanye rubbed his head to ease the pain as the second stage of injury set in - anger.

He stormed off and exclaimed at the paparrazzi, "Stop taking [explative] pictures of that, man!"

Not a single photographer apologized but instead just kept asking, "You okay, Kanye?"

Sounds like the makings of a new hit song, "Kanye, are you okay, are you okay, Kanye?"