A documentary is coming out on the issue of Bullying.  Something that has always gone on but has just recently come out as a more serious issue after school shootings and suicides have increased, or at least the reason has been accounted to more than ever, do to bullying.  It is a serious issue.  The documentary Bully looks like it shows, with no filter, the suffering so many kids and their parents go through.  As well as the covering of the problem.

The issue is that the film is rated R, due to language.  So some parents are concerned about showing the film to their children.  What to you think?

My thought? I'm not a parent, so I am biased that way.  Parents should watch it with out the kids. Then show the kids. And then have a conversation after.  Again.  Maybe I'm naive to think that it's that easy to do, but I do know I had hard conversations with my parents that neither I nor them wanted to have, but we were closer after.