Ok ok I don't want to say that violence is the answer in any situation, but if a kid can accuse Justin of hitting him and then try to sue him, if he is lying Justin should get a something out of it right?

Maybe  like unloading a nerf gun on him?  Here's the story -

It was pretty obvious that Justin Bieber had no fault in this matter.

Back in October, pop star Bieber was accused of hitting a 12-year-old boy during laser tag at the Planet Lazer Entertainment Center in Richmond, British Columbia.

What followed were various conflicting reports that indicated the boy might have been bullying Bieber and called him a homophobic slur prior to the confrontation.

Now, Corporal Turley of the Richmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police says the following: "This investigation into the incident is now complete and no charges will be forwarded as the evidence collected [doesn't] support doing so."

Yay for Biebs!