This may be the most enjoyable 4 minutes of Shakespeare I've ever experienced. It's not that I don't like Shakespeare, this is just really entertaining and it holds my ever fleeting attention. Watch this great video by impressionist Jim Meskimen as he seamlessly quotes Shakespeare in 25 different celebrity voices.

The talented reciter will be doing shows titled JIMPRESSIONS at The Acting Center in Hollywood. Not sure if you'll be in California in the next month but if you are you should definitely go.

Before you read the list of names below, watch the video with your eyes closed and see how many you can guess.

Ricky Gervais

Ron Howard

Richard Burton

Jimmy Stewart

George W. Bush

William Shatner

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Woody Allen

Boris Karloff

George Clooney

Tom Brokaw

Harvey Keitel

Casey Kasem

Garrison Keillor

Craig Ferguson

Droopy Dog

Morgan Freeman

Robert Deniro

Johnny Carson

Paul Giomatti

Christopher Walken

Simon Cowell

Jack Nicholson

Barack Obama