Which do you prefer, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare? What are their differences? What if we told you they are the same thing? When Jimmy Kimmel and his crew interviewed people on the street, the people had no idea what they were arguing for or against. They all seemed to spit out recycled responses based on the label of the act alone. It made me laugh. Are we really mindless sheep just repeating what we hear on TV and read on Facebook? Why don't we try to find out the facts or is our current media culture making that impossible?

YouTube comments on the video have become quite heated. The comment with the most likes on it is very critical of America and was posted by a foreigner.

You have the 27th most accessible healthcare in the world, you are incredibly far in debt, you have disgustingly high crime rates and gun homicide rates but refuse to impose higher weapons laws under the incredibly stupid, uniformed and quite frankly embarrassing view that giving up gun rights will make it harder for you to fight your own government. Also the fact that the current Republican party is taken seriously has made you the laughing stock of the world."


How can we prove him and others like him wrong?