Once again we are on the eve of greatness. Downtown is getting some dope hip hop and down tempo courtesy of the great Zebra, primary purveyor of Bozeman's hip hop scene and home of the happy meal. If y'all are unfamiliar with the might of J Boogie and his dubtronic science showcase of wonder and awe, expand yourself and check it out. Gliding across genres and tempos, J Boogie has been a bay area staple for years collaborating with a veritable who's who of independent hip hop artists. Cactus and the wonderful crew abiding therein would be more than happy to open your ears to the hotness.

Thursday is the new friday of course, so move y'self in the proper mode after your music on main buzz and get down with the science, because technology is all the rage these days. Rage on. Check the link, check the music, check yourself. I will see you there, buddy. Peace.