2010 is now gone and it is officially 2011. Are you already fulfilling your resolutions on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon? How was your New Years celebration? If I could, there is one thing I might have done differently in 2010. I would not have tried to get into the Pour House at 11:30pm on New Years Eve! More inside.

I was attempting to bring a few friends to meet up with a few more at the Pour House last night only to be greeted by a line of about 20 people all with the same plan as me. The establishment was apparently passed capacity. So much so that they only let one person in for every 5 that left. I could only wait and hope that there were delirious hopefuls inside thinking that they had time to leave the Pour House and get to Bar IX in time to toast to the new year.

The clock ticked 11:50pm and it was looking hopeful we would get in as we were now 3rd in line. A man from behind tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to let him pass. Just previously 4 girls cut in front of everyone and made it into the bar without ever having to wait so I was a little hesitant to let the man pass. He said he just needed to talk to the bouncer about something and then he would leave. Overhearing the conversation it went something like "Man! You know me, let me in." The bouncer being the integrity driven individual he is said no, you are lacking something your female counter parts possess.

The man solemnly went on his way and we were now 2nd in line and the clock was at 11:55pm.

I turned to my friends and apologized for it was quite apparent that our New Year's ball drop for 2011 was going to be celebrated in the hallway outside the Pour House. This is when my friends said something that I think will stick with me for all of 2011. Standing in that cold hallway for half an hour it was quite pleasant finally feeling warmth pouring out of the entrance doors. My friend with a a look of defeat on her face turned to me and proclaimed "I can feel the warmth!"

Right away I decided that was going to be my motto for all of 2011, "I can feel the warmth." I think it will be a good reminder to always look on the "warm" side. I realized that it didn't matter if we go in or not. We were all friends in that line even those we hadn't met. Getting into that bar, about 10 feet from where we were, wouldn't change much of anything that mattered. So as we counted down the New Year outside the Pour House, I was exactly where I wanted to be, feeling the warmth! Happy New Year!