I've been a huge fan of the Iron Man movies ever since the first one took me on a whirlwind of action and wit. The series is a great blend of comedy, comic book action, and geekiness. Seeing the first official trailer for Iron Man 3 has me really excited for the third installment but also raised a lot of questions.

Does Iron Man 3 take place directly after the events of The Avengers? Tony Stark mentions New York, which leaves me to believe that it does, but why are the avengers not helping him out when he is obviously in need? Will there be surprise cameos of The Hulk or Captain America in Iron Man 3?

Who is Tony Stark dragging in the final clips of the trailer? Is this a preview for the end of the movie or is that Tony Stark dragging his suit after getting pummeled by the antagonist of the movie? It seems fitting to the Iron Man series' comedic style to show a defeated Tony Stark forced to pull his own billion dollar suit of armor on a $2 sled!

What do you think this scene is showing us? Let me know in the comments below.