The "Zeitgeist" is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought which typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time.

Today is the day after Christmas. Done and over is a day that we all look forward to in some way. Looking forward to waking up and opening gifts, to being close to family, or to the end of Christmas music we can agree that now that it's is still going. A new year is starting and now we begin to put our lives in order and start to get back to normalcy. But where do we go from here? Another year is on the horizon. A year with goals and wants and expectations. So daunting. Where do you start? Of course you know. The first step.

Right now. Right this second, we are a product of our decisions. We are a living specimen of our past. Yet, while you are a product of your past, we don't have to be defined by it. Knowing what made us who we are is integral in finding who we want to be. You can do things better. You can change what is important to you. Where you spend your energy. What you love. Who you love it with. Looking back, embarrassed or proud, look with respectful eyes. See it as a teacher you have outgrown. You've learned great lessons, and you're ready to take those lessons and use them to learn new ones.

Google looks back at 2012. It has been another year of astonishing people, events, accomplishment, and lessons. Embarrassed or proud doesn't really matter, it is the past. And today is the perfect place to start the future.