As Bozeman was the first to incorporate the full body scanners in Montana, we should be celebrating the new security right? The new TSA body scanners were put into place to improve efficiency and heighten airline security. What if you were told these devices are actually easier to bypass than a metal detector? Where is the fair trade off of privacy for security then? This short YouTube video demonstrates how to easily sneak metallic objects through the scanners.

All you need is a simple side pocket to hide your object from the front and back scanners and you’re good to go. I find it hard to believe the TSA doesn’t look at your sides when passing through but as the video proves, Jonathan Corbett gets through two airports undetected.

As the video creator denotes, this information could be used by terrorists or criminals to cause harm, but I hope by spreading this information changes will be made. I hate to be a fear monger but when it’s the truth it has to be told so that it can be corrected. Do you feel safer with the body scanners now?

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