From pole dancing last week  to building a deck this weekend who knew I had such diverse talents. Although, the wind this weekend was unreal I still was able to finish building a deck.  The dentist I work for decided to bribe me into helping him build a deck at his house.  He told me that if  I would help with the deck he would pay me. I thought to myself that is too easy I need to really get something out of this deal.  Since I know how he works I decided to negotiate a trip to Las Vegas. I said how about I will help with the deck if you get me a trip to Vegas. I am still thinking I was pretty smooth with that call!

We headed up Trail Creek Friday afternoon to start the project and by project I mean experiment.  Neither of us really knew what we were doing especially me.  It turned into a three day event starting with the base and getting measurements the first day.  Still not quite sure all are right. By day two we were rolling ready to put up the boards for the actually deck.

Once all of the boards were in place it was time for the guard rails that was the final touch on day three.  I could only laugh at how much knowledge I lacked when it came to building material .  Who knew that not all nails and screws are called nails and screws there are individual names and lots of them.

The deck took three days to complete and yet it was small it was an accomplishment.  I am proud to say now that I do know some nail and screw names, well not right off the top of my head, but I did manage to help complete the deck and actually enjoyed doing something I have never done before.  I only walked away with one bruise which is better than my usual couple after a friday night so I am feeling pretty good.   Who knew I would ever help build a two story deck. I guess all there is left to say is Vegas here I come:)