According to the YouTube video description, the driver in the black SUV hit the white cab in front of it and then attempted to drive off. The cab driver got out of his car to prevent the SUV from leaving which results in many cars getting smashed in a dash to escape.

The whole incident took place in Chicago, Illinois on Belmont Avenue and was recorded from a nearby rooftop. The scene gets very hectic once the cab driver strikes the SUV's driver-side window with a club like object. It is quite ridiculous how terrible of a driver the person in the SUV is. Good thing there were no pedestrians around or it could have been a lot worse.

Why didn't the SUV driver simply cooperate with the cab driver from the beginning? That's because the driver of the SUV had stolen the vehicle and thus probably didn't know where the insurance information was. That, or he thought he was still playing Grand Theft Auto V on his Playstation.