Lets talk Hip-Hop for a minute put your cassette tape on rewind so we can put the needle down on some hip-hop history...Lets start with the birth of a B-BOY/B-GIRL (a.k.a Break Boy or Break Girl).  When people in the late 70's would hit the floor they weren't called "break dancers" they where called B-BOYS and B-GIRLS.  A lot of people think that it dealt with the break in the music (like when one track would stop and the other would drop in to create a different beat).  However, DJ Kool Herc (the man who created that break in the music) would call to all the "B-Boys and B-Girls" to get out on the floor.

As DJ Kool Herc called the term from his block parties he used to throw in the Bronx.  "The term B-BOY and B-GIRL meant that you where ready to break on somebody or you hit your breaking point." - Kool Herc.  This meant that you got to a point in the night where you couldn't stand it any more and you where ready to break it down and show off your stuff.  B-BOYS and B-GIRLS now put a huge emphasis on the "break" or the "beat" of the music however, it was and is the drive to break it down that makes them B-BOYS and B-GIRLS.  So to all the B-BOYS and B-GIRLS out there keep "breakin' " it down!!