Today is 'Won't You Be My Neighbor Day'. To celebrate I thought I would reveal who I think would be the ideal neighbors.

My first choice would have to be MacGyver. He could help me with any household fixing I would possibly need. He may use paper clips, some magnets and a comb to fix my running toilet but at least it will be quick and efficient.

My second choice would be Teresa Palmer. I don't have much of an explanation for this one except that I bought the movie 'Take Me Home Tonight' for two reason, the amazing soundtrack of 80's songs and because Teresa Palmer stars in it. After,watching her below interview you'll want this Aussie next door too!

My third living across the street would be Mr. Wing from Gremlins. I would trust him to keep his Mogwai safe from food after midnight and getting wet and I would play with the little adorable Furby like creature every chance I got.

Who would be your ideal neighbors? Are you sick of the ones you've got now?