Billie Joe's rant at the iHeart Music Festival on Friday night that was followed with entry into rehab has been publicized in a variety of ways. backs Billie up, Elvis Duran and the Morning show, this morning, had some not so nice things to say. Fans seem to agree that Green Day was hosed by getting their set cut from 45 minutes to 25 minutes.

The rant itself seems justified.  I mean, what did they really expect?  The reports say that the festival heads let Usher's and Rihanna's sets to go longer than the allotted time so Green Day's set was cut.  In the video Billie lets you know how long he has been around (19 Eighty f******8.)  He, and the band, have worked hard and are one of the only rock bands that still get songs on the charts.  But, following the rant by entering into rehab the message may have been lost.  Ya the concert promoters screwed them.  And they are a punk band.  But a punk rocker been wronged rant has much more credibility than a drug addled rock star's moment of self pity.

Reports say that Billie entered rehab after an intervention that included Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool to get help with “abuse of various substances, including both prescription drugs and alcohol.”

In the end Billie, we've got your back.  Your message wasn't lost on us. Get better. Come back stronger. And break more guitars.

Here is the video which is NSFW due to an amazing amount of F and S words.