Police in Rochester NY arrested 28 year old Emily Good after she video taped them during a traffic stop around 10pm on May 12th.  She was standing in the yard of her house taping the arrest of a man she says is her friend and the police said "I don't feel safe with you standing behind us" and asked her to go in her house.  She refused to go into her house saying that it is her right to stand in her yard. The video is a bit dark but you can hear everything clearly.

The police moved their attention from the man who they originally handcuffed, let him go, and arrested Good. She has been charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration.

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard issued a statement Tuesday, saying he has received a video of a woman’s arrest by city officers. “I have researched the incident and determined that the case is currently proceeding through the adjudication process,” Sheppard said in the statement. “… With the case still pending and my unfamiliarity with the specific details, any assumptions at this time would be premature.”

So it's clear, it is perfectly legal to film something going on in a public street, even an arrest.  Though the police officer said he felt threatened so I'm not sure on the law on that part.

Seems to me that this was more a case of the girl not responding to the police officer's orders and not with her actually breaking the law.

Police have an impossible job that I have a great amount of respect for. I thank the officers who work tirelessly to stop real crime and keep us safe.  But this seems like a power trip.  It has gotten a ton of attention and with any luck the charges on the girl will be dropped.

What are your feeling on this story?

via Rochester Democrat and Chronicle