Rittz could be the best rapper that you've heard...and not known it. That's my experience anyway. Rittz is an MC from Georga who was featured on Yelawolf's track "Box Chevy 3" on his Trunk Muzik mixtape.  I've known the song, and Rittz's verse for what seems like forever. But never had I looked into who the guy was.  Now I find out that he is not only performing in Bozeman tonight, but that his music is DOPE! Laid back beats with a double time flow, Rittz has got some serious bangers but also has some tracks with lyrics that talk of the life he's lead and the trouble he's had, but also how he's overcome.  I was lucky enough to talk with the MC, who is now signed with Yelawolf's Slumamerica label, about his craft, where he's been, and where he's looking to go.  Check out the interview, some Rittz music video action, and show info below.

Show info:

Performers: Rittz, League of Extrodinary G'z, Gentleman Script, Mic B, Sky Bigg Nation, and Filth and Foul

Where: Zebra Cocktail Lounge

When: Tonight (Monday July 23rd) 8pm

Cost: 18+ = $10 21+ = $7 at the door