If you are hoping to take some road trips this summer you are in luck.  Gas prices have been going up and up but it looks like that trend is now likely, hopefully, going to stop.  Prices could drop as much as 50 cents as soon as June.

After rocketing up 91 cents since January, including 44 straight days of increases, the national average this past week stopped just shy of $4 a gallon and has retreated to under $3.98. A steady decline is expected to follow.

Sunday, the nationwide Lundberg Survey reported the average price for a gallon of gasoline rose 11.98 cents in the past two weeks, but the report noted last week's fall in crude oil prices may signal lower costs to come. The national average for self-serve, regular unleaded gas was $4 per gallon on May 6, up 11.98 cents from April 22, according to the survey.

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