With the Super Garage Sale coming up on May 18th, the topic of haggling has to come up. It is one thing about garage sales that can make the person having the sale, a little nervous. In America, we don't haggle on price nearly as much as other countries so we get a little touchy when it comes to negotiating a deal. I have found some videos to help, and I'm lending my own thoughts on it as well. Here we go.

Some of my own thoughts:

1: If it's under a buck, bundle 5-7 items and ask a price. Asking someone to go down to a nickle from a quarter seems weird.

2: Don't try to swindle the seller.  Think win/win.

3: The seller should know the bottom number they are willing to move to on big ticket items. Don't go below that number and you won't feel like you got taken for a ride.

4: The seller should take some time and set things out in a presentable way. You'll make more money when things look nice.

5: Have fun. Know that everyone is benefiting from the sale, even the earth.