Lady MC Kreayshawn is blowing up in the hip-hop world. Kreayshawn is an oakland MC who compared her White Girl Mob to the Spice Girls, one member is Lady MC V-Nasty, who is actually the one taking the heat for using the N-word in her rhymes. Kreayshawn just signed a million dollar deal with Sony. My attention was first brought to Kreayshawn when a friend sent me a link to her "Gucci Gucci," video which just was reconized in the June issue of Rolling Stone as the number five video to check out on their Hot List. She was featured right after 'My Morning Jacket's' Unstaged webcast and 'Coldplay's'  "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" not to shabby for a young MC.

I was interested in Kreayshawns character after watching an interview with her and checking out her music video 'Bumpin Bumpin.' Kreayshawn has the Oakland style with her unique twist bringing something new to the game. I am not sure if I would compare these girls to the Spice Girls but hey maybe they are about to create a girl group that might, "Spice up our life!!!"