96.7 Through the Eyes of an Intern

My experiences here at 96.7 have been very rewarding, but have had it shares of strange occurrences.

Every day I walk in through the front door because either that’s what everyone does, which I highly doubt, or because Chadwick keeps me out of the loop just enough that I’m always on my toes. When I round the corner into the Vault Studio it’s about a fifty-fifty chance of actually seeing him. In my early days I would wander around the station hoping to find him, but now I just patiently wait, saving me the explanation of who I am to people who now only me as “The Intern”.

Although only some of the employees know my real name, I have always felt welcome here. Everyone seems to be happy to see me now that they know I’m here for a reason, and that makes it easy to come in every day. Chadwick is very easy to work for, but also finds ways to challenge me. Sometimes I wonder if he does this intentionally, or if there really are no words to explain the right way things need to be done. So I guess the best thing I have learned from Chadwick is how to learn how to work for somebody. I also feel lucky that Chadwick is patient enough to deal with me even on the days my work is less than good.

The actual work I do for the station seems to cover a large spectrum of different tasks. When I first began Chadwick quickly put me to work on chopping, clipping, and editing audio to be aired on the station. After my first batch of clips for the station were put together it was time to get approval, we quickly listened through them, and then Chadwick with a face devoid of emotion just said “ok”. It took a couple more tries before I think he was really happy with my work, and I feel like I know he’s happy because he doesn’t send me back to redo clips and ads nearly as much anymore. So now I felt like a pro when it came to these short clips, and about this time Chadwick started switching things up. On day I came in and he asked me if I had my driver’s license with me, and I said yes do you need to make a copy of it for records. He responded no, but today I can take his car to get the oil changed. Other things I have done include working on his in-studio gear because he wanted to sound more “awesome”, looking up local events to be posted to the website, and whatever random thing in between.

All in all I have really enjoyed my time here at the station. There is a sense of family with the people here and I was welcomed in without them even needing to know my first name. It’s a job that may not pay with cash, but finds ways to make it worth coming in everyday. It could be a bad joke, a random coupon or ticket from Chadwick, or a compliment from a person just passing in the hall. I never leave unhappy, and the only day I will is when I leave for the last time at the end of my internship.

Josh the Intern