I was already jealous of the cast members of Jersey Shore being able to do nothing but party, travel and get paid the big bucks. And now after seeing where all the cast members are taking their careers after being part of show, I really feel left out. We all know Snooki has made a name for herself, J-Wow has her own tanning lotion line and Mike, well he had a situation going for him, but now this - Pauly-D signs with 50 cents label G-Note Records.

G-Note Records is 50 Cent's label focused on dance and pop music. Pauly-D, aka DJ Pauly-D, has made a name for himself as a popular DJ even opening for Britney Spears at a couple of her 'Femme Fatal' tour shows.

Seems like DJ Pauly-D is making some big moves:)

50  was quoted  saying, "DJ Pauly-D is a great addition to G-Note and the G-Unit family he is smart and creative!"