Who doesn't like free music? Or at least pay-what-you-want music. The group Yeasayer are now offering an entire album for download and are only asking for whatever you want to give. Video and link inside.

Check out a video of their song "Madder Red" in this music video. You can download their live album here.

Hipster cause celebre Yeasayer follow Radiohead’s example with a new live album.The arty Brooklyn indie group made a splash this year with their second album Odd Blood, and now they have a new live album available online.

The album is called Live at Ancienne Belgique, a set recorded on October 28 this year at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

The record popped up on their website just before Christmas, and they’re offering a ‘pay what you want’ pricing system (which includes ‘nothing’).

They’re also offering it under a variety of formats.