It was a night in 2008 when I first heard "Low" from Flo Rida. My friend Michelle was driving a bunch of us around and she was playing Low LOUD! I added it to KISS' playlist immediately. Low was already destined to be played in every corner of the US that year, bringing Flo Rida to the mainstream. This past weekend "I Cry", Flo Rida's latest, came on so I turned it up loud, and I was perplexed. This song is a sad song, but it sounds like a club banger?! How does this dude keep cranking out club bangers? Let's take a look at a bunch of Flo's videos starting with that first hit Low. Maybe watching them back to back will show me how this cat keeps the party moving! The worst that can happen is a party breaks out due to the overindulgence of Flo.