Can you or can't you set off fireworks in Bozeman?  If you have asked yourself that question here is the information that we have received.
--Effective at 0001 (12:01AM), Saturday, June 30th, the Commission has issued a revised resolution entering Gallatin County into Stage One Fire Restrictions. These restrictions include all activities that might potentially cause a fire INCLUDING the discharge of fireworks.
The banning of fireworks will be lifted for one day only on July 4, 2012 – if used with extreme caution, unless conditions cause a change in this exception.  This resolution is effective on all COUNTY lands and not within the limits of any municipality. [This includes Bozeman city limits]
Individual cities and towns may pass their own restrictions as they see fit.
Please note that the discharge of fireworks is also prohibited on State and Federal lands.

So, YES, you can set off fireworks in Bozeman on July 4th.  But USE CAUTION.  Be smart about your celebrating with fireworks.  Let's have some fun with no injuries and no more fires.

That's all we know. We will update if things change.