Britney Spears says this is her most "mature" album to date.  Britney got with everyone who is anyone in the music production world to make it.  Get the inside details from those who worked on the album.

Britney Spears teamed up with Dr. Luke and Max Martin to make an

edgy, dark club album, and the result is Femme Fatale, which features genre-busting pop songs about love, sex and the big, fat bass.

But in addition to that pop dream team, Spears also hooked up with a wide array of collaborators (Travis Barker,, Sabi), songwriters (Claude Kelly, Bonnie McKee, Ester Dean) and producers (Bloodshy, Benny Blanco, Rodney Jerkins), who helped create the sonically bombastic pop record that dropped on Tuesday (March 29).

MTV News caught up with songwriter Kelly and newbie pop singer Sabi, and got the inside scoop on the making of Femme Fatale.

"Here's what people don't realize and here's what I've noticed: She's very, very much in control of what she records, how she sounds, how she portrays herself on the record," Kelly, who wrote "Gasoline," said of Britney's process. "There's no grand master puppeteering — that's kind of a myth. She knows what she's going to cut. She's not going to sing anything she doesn't want to and she has this amazing ability when she gets behind the mic. It's like eye of the tiger."

Kelly went on to say that when Spears hits the studio to record an album, she knows what fans want to hear from her.

"Her rhythm is spot-on. You tell her, 'This part needs to be sexy,' and she's like, 'I got it already,' " he explained. "It's that rare ability that only really true artists have to get into character and to sell a theme and that's what she's good at. ... I think because she's been out for so long, people forget the evolution of her career. When you're in the studio with her, you quickly get reminded about how versatile she is and how clever she is. She's a show-woman."