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Additional Information

Please place bags on your front porch by 9am on December 10, 2011. A
team of volunteers will pick-up the bags sometime from 10am to 1pm on
that same day.
If you would like to donate money to the food bank, make a check payable
to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and place it in an envelope taped to your
door or another obvious place.
If for some reason your food has not been picked up 3pm, please call 406-
570-0111 and we will arrange pickup.
Thanks in advance for your donations! Every little bit helps.

The economy continues to take a toll on our community. The Gallatin Valley
Food Bank is now serving one out of every seven people living in our
County – these are your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. An average
215 new families, people who have never needed food assistance before,
come to the Food Bank each month. With more than 1200 households
requesting food assistance monthly the overall need for the Food Bank’s
services have increased roughly 15 % over the previous year.