Since I was just a little tike I have loved fireworks. I saved up change and raced to the Golden Dragon stand in Great Falls the minute it opened. My buddy Jonathan and I would spend hours blowing things up and throwing them at each other. I'm not sure my fascination with them, but it's there for sure. I've moved up from firecrackers to fireworks. Although I haven't gone completely crazy the last few years, I am still amazed by great shows. Here are some that I found. Happy 4th of July.

Disneyland knows about firework shows.
I'm almost positive that I posted this video at some point before, but I think it bares repeating. Lesson to be learned: Be careful with fireworks.

NYC is pretty much amazing at fireworks.

This one is from London so obviously it isn't celebrating our freedom, but it's an epic display none the less.