Have you listened to KISS FM in the mornings lately?  KISS' new morning program 'Elvis Duran and the Morning Show' has something you haven't heard on Bozeman radio for years if ever.  Edge.

Elvis and his crew have a younger, faster, and more daring morning show that chops it up on topics such as "what's your gay cliche" and "would you let your husband's brother impregnate you if he couldn't?"

Some listeners say the show goes too far and refer to the content as "Vulgar", "Overly sexual" and "Disgusting." The late Bette Davis once said, "Sex is God's joke on human beings." Elvis and his team run with this God-given joke and aren't afraid to tackle topics most find easier to ignore. These topics, generally meant for mature ears, are real and raw the team will have you laughing at the most bizarre ideas. You've been warned!

Boldness be my friend.

William Shakespeare

One of the most popular features on the show are the daily phone pranks. Listeners to prank friends or relatives.  It's called the "Phone Tap".

And a little education for the guys. What does a girl mean when she says she's having a  "heavy day?"

Or what's your opinion on making-out versus sex?

Also, within this slew of knowledge presented on the show are Daily Horoscopes, pop culture news and information with Celebrity Sleaze.

You'll be surprised, intrigued, challenged and maybe even a little offended when you start your day here on 96.7 KISS FM.

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show can be heard Monday - Saturday 6am-10am on 96.7 KISS FM on your radio,  streamed on your computer or on your phone with RadioPup.