Do you have household electronic items that you need to get rid of, but don't know where to throw them away, or would rather recycle them?  The Gallatin solid Waste Management District is holding a free event for Household Residents of Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, Three Forks and all of Gallatin County on April 21st at the Gallatin Country Fairgrounds East Parking lot.

Items that will be accepted and recycled for free: Computer hard drives, monitors, keyboards, mouses', printers, faxes, VCR's, TV's, Stereo equipment, cell phones, laptops, rechargeable batteries, hand-held electronics.

Items that will not be accepted: BIG Projection TVs, Microwaves, refrigerators, kitchen or bathroom appliances, LARGE Commercial copiers and garbage.

This event is for households only, not commercial businesses.

For more information on this event contact the Waste Management offices at 582-2493 or 582-2494.