It wouldn't surprise me if Drake left Young Money at some point.  Isn't that what happens?  Someone gets hot then high and mighty and moves on from who brought them up?  Most likely because who brought them up and made them famous is taking a huge cut of their money, but still.

At the start of Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music Tour alongside Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker, Drake was a curious omission from the star-studded lineup. However, last night in President Obama's backyard, the Canadian heartthrob joined his boss onstage to quell any talk that he is no longer part of the Young Money machine.

Fans at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C., were treated to crowd-pleasing performances from Lil Wayne and protégé Drake, who along with Minaj, kept the Young Money Records imprint afloat while Weezy served time in New York's Rikers Island on gun charges. The Young Money honcho acknowledged that very fact while introducing the Thank Me Later star.

"I know y'all know a few months ago I was locked up and sh--, but it was people like Drake and people like y'all that made me feel like I wasn't even there, so I appreciate that sh--, I really do. I just wanted you to miss me while I was gone," a humbled Lil Wayne said before launching into the blistering track "Miss Me" with Drake.

Drake took time to speak to fans at the sold-out venue about the rumors that he and Young Money parted ways. "You see today, when I landed in D.C. and I got off the plane, this n---a looked me in my eyes and he asked me, 'Did you drop out of Young Money?' And I looked him right back in

his eyes and I said, 'Boy, are you out your mother----ing mind?!' Man, I want this sh-- forever," he said, launching right into his single "Forever."

Drake told MTV News in February that while he isn't a listed headliner on the tour, he would make some guest appearances on the 24-city journey when time permitted as he is busy recording his sophomore album, Take Care.